Dec 26, 2009

windows, linux, or mac ?

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i dont like blabering,

so just get to the point,

most of u, who are using between those three operating system or we usually called OS,
usually ashaming another the two of them,
thats an absurd, unreasonable, innapropiate action i thought,

well, for me, i think , yes each OS would try the best to be the best,
but thats not what we got,
cause yes each of theme has their own minus and thier pluses,
and even their purposes ..

thats why their can't be the best by their point of view,
cause user whom able to judge, not them,
we use them, not them use their,

so lets see what do each OS has..
first, the most-people-use OS , and the biggest corporation has,Microsoft Windows,
as we know, this is the standard OS people has,
why is it so 'standard'?

most of people whom buy a new laptop, all new laptop except produced by Apple co. of course, are usually bundled with this OS,
so its like people is pushed to use this OS,
every OS has their option, how to configure, click this, click that, to do this and to do that, so i think its not an easy thing to get along with every OS,
it means, when u started using ur computer or laptop using Windows, it'll get a bit hard to change to other OS, this condition makes most of the people use Windows, and always be for most users,

what do the Windows has so they can be the most-people-use OS in the world?
im goint to listing this so u could easily understand,

1. it's easy to operate
easy here is relative, depends on what OS did u started with, as far as we know, people use this OS for the first time when they use their PC or computer, well we know, its bundled .. :)

2. compatible
well, cause this is the first booming OS on its time, of course software developer will make their software compatible for this OS, thats why it has plenty softwares available in the market, even a hardware or gadget vendor usually makes their products are able being connected with this OS

i think that two pluses is enough to explaine whay they are so many people using this OS, lets get to the minus ..

1. viruses
this is a great threat for Microsoft, 98% of computer viruses infected Windows, reinstalling, even reformating is an usuall activity for users whom using this OS :D

2. strained
yes, we are restrained, we can't be what we want to be with this OS, i mean that we only able to do what Windows has given to us, its like,"here's yours, just use it !!",we are only able to use it, not to develope it or modify it to become our standard, when Microsoft say "a", then we have to be "a".

why is it become a minus? i'll talk it in UNIX/LINUX part below.

second, we're talking about Linux, and OS made by Linus Torvalds based on UNIX, or we could say that this is another version of UNIX.

for a beginner user, usually they are avoided this OS, cause it always seems a hard OS, terminal based, bla bla bla and so on.

well, its not that spooky i thought :D
didnt u know that Linux has GUI too ? :p
dont know then dont care, then go try it, get socialize with it, and you'll know how "wow" is it :D

straight to its plus(es) and minus(es),

for pluses,
1. its free !!!
yes it is !, its free!, u dont need to buy it from its developer or something like that, what you'll need to do to have it , just go to software store and buy it with a normal pirated CD's or DVD's, its around Rp6000 - Rp20.000 . doesnt need to spend million rupiahs just to buy a new OS . :p

2. its opensource !!!
it means, its widely opened to develop or modify it by another user to meet their needs , thats why its so many distribution(distro) in the Linux Market, and every distro usually has its own purpose too. for example, Ubuntu, its dedicated for most home user, its user-friendly, easy to install, plenty people has used this kind of Distro. Slackware, from my point of view, this type of distro is dedicated for a need-security client or servers, if u need everything about tools or quality , u gotta to have this . :)

3. bye bye viruses .. :D
well, you know it from its title ,, why is it so immunie from computer viruses?, Linux is UNIX based operating system, as far as i know, it has 9 shields u need to pass before u're in . B-) , but i forgot what are that shields :-x
well, find it by yourself . .:D

slideee to its minuses :p

1. uncompatible for most software
since its not too 'valuable' for most software developer , this condition makes some software developers unwilling to develope their software to meet Linus requirements. but Linux developers are some smart people, :), when developer reluctant to meet their needs, their make it themself B-)

next candidate is ... Mac OS .. :)

and operating system developed by Apple company,
hmm ... Apple, Microsoft, old buddy old enemy . i dont know how they are now :D
lets get to its pluses..

1. splendid looks
remember, all of each OS pluses and minuses are based on my opinion, and the first thing first my opinion about this OS is, it has splendid looks .. splendid application action, smooth looks, it just so beautiful, i would have married it if it just a woman :D

2. genius
you'll know how it feels when u try to use this OS. it just, it feels like Apple are knew what are the best for their customer, the OS they made, is so genius, its hard to explaine about this one, just try your friends mac :)

3. integrated
apple are really cared about their customer, software update is available for Mac, this makes their own OS always up to date, makes it always immune to computer viruses, makes it more compatible with more softwares, and provide new softwares from Apple itself .. Apple Customer Service? .. big thumbup for that .. B-)

4. invulnerable
since its UNIX based too, its invulnarable from computer viruses

what is it? just pluses? where's the minus? .. here it is ...

1. bundled
Mac OS are usually bundled with Apple products itself, such as Macbook . Mac only runs great when it settled with product from apple, runs powerfull when it runs on Apple products , actually yes we could installed it on non-Apple PC or laptop, that Mac is called Hackintosh, but it needs to be configured manually, and thats not easy. so, want to try Mac and runs great? buy MacBook or iMac . .:D

2. heavy
yes, why Mac can run smooth, has splendid looks, because it supported by a great peripheral too . your Mac wont runs great when u has a 'normal' hardware too . so, actually this Mac is heavy OS .

well, actually theres still plenty nice OS out there, but im focusing on the big ones :D , what OS you'll gonna choose, it depends on what you'll need and what u're usually do with ur PC.

If you need a compatible one for most application, usually this is a home PC, then use Windows, use great AntiVirus and FireWall too, preventing your Windows got infected from viruses ..

if you need security or stuff like that, pick Linux,belive me .. its a great one .. :)

if you're working on designing, photography, web developer, try to take Mac, i think its specialized fort that stuff.

get smart to choose one !

It's peang.cookie !!!

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